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We are Search Engine & Social Media Experts

The 180 Experience is a leading marketing and technology firm that services small businesses in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia. 180 collaborates with a number of top level agencies to create customized campaigns for businesses who can’t afford in-house marketing or segmented agency involvement. Each campaign is tailor fit to measure conversions, analytics, and key point indicators. Ultimately, the goal is to increase organic customer base, and retain current customers (create fans). Most importantly create campaigns that differ from the competitor and increase market share.

Small Business Marketing

keeps the world churning

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Small business is the life blood of our economic blood flow. Without small business our economy would tank, and more than half of our employment...

Entrepreneurs are not in touch

The biggest problem with small businesses is there too many people doing too many things. So most companies farm out their marketing dollar or...

What We Do

180 is exactly what it is, every business is nuanced no matter the niche. We segment your demographic and create marketing campaigns that increase...

The Marketing Machine

Consistency is important! We create marketing machines for entrepreneurs that are sustainable and monetized. These marketing machines are built...

Why We Do It?

There is a major shift that is happening in our economy, now more than ever there is a chance for small businesses to extend their market share...

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

In order for any business to stay in business it is imperative to turn everyday customers into fans. Every demographic is different. If you are...

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Why you Should Market your small business

We are Search Engine & Social Media Experts

Marketing your business is the most important element to success when you’re a small business. It is imperative for any small business to market and advertise their product. Entrepreneurs should add the cost of marketing and advertising in the cost of their product and service. Considering this formula will give owners a fighting chance to consistently offer their product or service in the market place. Any company will be set up to fail if they don’t market and advertise. Products and services will never grow, and you won’t be able to retain current customers. Most importantly, acquiring new customers will never happen.

Our Valuable Clients

Minuteman Press
American Standard
Kiddie Academy


Jamil Glenn

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. It will take 10 minutes to change the direction of your business.

Jamil Glenn

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