Sensonics provides the medical, scientific and industrial communities with the best smell and taste tests for assessing chemosensory function. The Smell Identification Test™ is the most widely used quantitative olfactory test in the world. Sensonics was in need marketing insight and competitor analysis. We were spending thousands of dollars in ineffective marketing. These marketing dollars drained the company and frustrated owners because ROI was not present. We built a new system, created new systems for customer service to track sales which ultimately led to key point indicators. We revamped their marketing campaign, removed all advertising from ineffective and underperforming ad mediums. We added important dynamics to the website (e.g. mobile conversion and product updates). 180 rebranded their product and opened increased revenue streams globally.

GBA Mattress

GBA Mattress is a small mattress company in Maple Shade, NJ. Mattress Factory and Mattress Firm ruled all territories. the industry frBefore implementation, GBA was also spending large sums of marketing with segmented marketing. Our vision was to lower their advertising dollar and create self-managed marketing. We severed relationships with all agencies, hired a design specialist to handle social media, website and print media. We implemented a new ecommerce website with the ability to sell in all counties in the tri-state area. Last, we created relationships with local printers to do printing for low cost since inhouse design was handling all design aspects. GBA has increased market share steadily over the last 2 years.

Minuteman Press

Minuteman Press is a franchise printing industry, with Vistaprint steadily controlling the market we needed to create campaigns that retained past clients and legitimized our sales footprint. We started a very successful email marketing campaign. This email marketing campaign reintroduced the company to past and current customers. We created an Anniversary campaign, that was delivered to customers who printed with the company a year prior. We rewarded our biggest clients with client appreciation gifts every 6 months. Most importantly, we created a list of customers who haven’t ordered in over a year. We sent these clients slick print deals with incentives to re-establish the relationship.

American Standard

American Standard is the top seller of kitchen, bathroom and living area in the world. We were tasked with engineering distinct analytic reports for the customers and competitors. We also maintained and implemented a 1.5 million dollar Google Adword campaign.

General Chemical & Supply

General Chemical & Supply was without brand recognition and antiquated techniques. GCS employed dated technologies to retain current clients. We developed a state of the art system that allowed GCS to sell across the world while establishing a client portal. We also created a brand that will stand out from all similar business and transitioned this brand across all mediums.

Pacifico Auto

Pacifico Auto Group was looking to stand out amongst a large market of auto dealerships. They lacked local presence for multiple traffic sources and needed webpage structure to comply with googles algorithm suggestions. We upgraded their copy onsite including meta tags and page content with keyword placement. We also updated their directory copy and added reputable citations to increase their likability. These efforts resulted in greater organic traffic and local awareness. This built up their brand to become a top auto dealership in the Philadelphia market.