Do Kids Hold You Back From Success?

So you’re approaching that age, whether it be late 20’s or early 30’s and you are on the grind. Everything is working for you, everything in a sense that you can come and go as you please. You may have multiple girlfriends, your married friends go to bed at night and pray they were you. You have so many life goals and accomplishments that you want to establish career wise, but that clock is ticking. I mean nobody wants to have kids too late, you want to enjoy them. What do you do? Do children actually stop you from success?

This is a very difficult answer, because in a sense the answer is yes and no. The very first experience that you will have once you have kids is the handicapped feeling. You can’t go anywhere without looking homeless; car seats (if you’re broke you have to move it from car to car), diaper bag, bottles, toys, play pens.. YIIIIKES!!! Shit can get real crazy. This is a suffocating feeling from the single person to newly minted father or mother. This in a sense is what holds you back. Meeting with perspective clients during daycare closing hours is an absolute no-no. This is very difficult to overcome, and sometimes you might give up in the face of reaching new heights with kids in tow. So in a sense it is difficult to create and build with another mouth to feed, sucking your time and money.

However, on the flip side there is something that happens to a person after having their first child. It doesn’t happen immediately but a maturation process immediately happens. Things that were important before aren’t important anymore. These thoughts aren’t important because you can’t engage, it’s not important because they are no longer a necessity. That new job promotion that requires all your time and extended traveling seems less important when you’d rather be home (I mean how long can a person really endure that life). On the flip side a person might become really serious about their occupation realizing that the pennies they’re currently earning will never put their kid through college. Children take you to new heights of accomplishments. Solely because your world doesn’t revolve around you, it revolves around them.

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