Contract Your Small Business Marketing

What you're currently doing

Some high profile companies have internal employees who handle marketing and advertising initiatives. The problem with internal employees is the inevitable ceiling. Employee cost is exuberant with healthcare and payroll companies pay 10x the amount needed for projects.

Our Approach

Please click the above link to see our multi-approach to small business marketing. 180 offers a unique and customized approach to marketing and advertising. We utilize multiple mediums to create the results needed for your vision.

Our Prices

Our prices are contingent on the customized scope of the small business marketing campaign. We have convertible prices depending on the time and length of each project.

The 180 Process


We want to date your business! We will identify the culture by speaking with employees and leadership. We will spend a great deal of time understanding your product, mission and vision. Understanding your mission is a great way to connect with new clients or retain current clients.

Creation of the Campaign

We will create the campaign using multiple marketing mediums that utilize metrics that will help us increase revenue, retain current customers and gain organic customers. The goal with any marketing campaign is to either add visibility to a struggling product, create increased visibility for a product or dominate the market with a leading product.

Presentation of the Campaign

We present the campaign in front of your top executives. Campaigns include research studies, segmentation, implementation, monetization, and tracking.

6 Month Implementation

We spend 5-6 months implementing the campaign. Implementing strict analytics that monetize the campaign. We utilize KPI metrics that showcase cost per lead/cost per acquisition/cost for retention.

Bi-Annual Follow-Up

We will create an bi-annual follow-up to discuss market trends and new opportunities. If need be we will implement new opportunities or trends into existing campaign.