Why Marketing And Advertising

I laugh the myriad of marketing and advertising companies advertising a better way of life for your business. It becomes apparent that most companies namely marketing and advertising companies don’t understand the way marketing and advertising work. To make my point clear and simple, we should center this idea on the digital marketing world. I’m a firm believer that there is an organic process that happens when a business owner needs to become more visible to potential customers. The name of the game is organic customers, well most digital companies have taken this idea and ran with it. The idea that the business owner understands the full gamut of what they need, the digital agencies are selling it as if it’s the b-all-to-end-all.. Who do they quote, Google! That’s right quoting Google is the best way to create a partnership, because who doesn’t know about Google. High end, High overhead marketing and advertising companies are a sham. The only true way to help someone advertise and market is if a person was so intuitive and can feel the pulse of the customer. This person would have to understand how every portion of their brand speaks and delivers that in a customization process. Most CEO’s and business owners don’t understand the number of steps it takes to create a full marketing plan that works.

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